Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fw: 10 things you might think about psychology -- that are wrong

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This week on
February 7, 2015

Ben Ambridge: 10 things you might think about psychology -- that are wrong

14:55 minutes · Filmed Jan 2014 · Posted Feb 2015 · TEDxYouth@Manchester

How much of what you think about psychology is actually wrong? In this whistlestop tour of dis-proved science, Ben Ambridge walks through 10 popular ideas that have been proven wrong — and uncovers a few surprising truths about how our brains really work.

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  I really appreciated the presentation of data regarding each process and how many drawings each took. It highlighted for me the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.

We all are seeking to be more collaborative and innovative but your last point really drove something home for me. Sometimes we create a solution looking for a problem when we should be doing just the opposite. We should be all standing on a "burning platform" to emphasize the critical nature of our work. This is maybe not the process to use when seeking random opportunity?"
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